Saturday, January 14, 2017

Diamond Valley Batu Maung 30 feet width Factory For Sale 峇都茅工厂区30尺工厂出售

Batu Maung Permatang Damar Laut Diamond Valley 30' width 90' length factory for sale at RM2.3Mil, the said premise is in renovated and extended condition, freehold. 42012

峇都茅工厂区30尺阔90尺长工厂出售, 已装修和扩展。永久地契。售价马币230万。

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Near Kulim High Tech Phase 4 Freehold 11 Acres Agricultural Land For Sale Convertible To Industrial Land

A piece of near 11 acres freehold agricultural land which is convertible into industrial use by paying about RM1Mil of premium. The said land is divided by BKE (Butterworth-Kulim Expressway) to left-right half (About 5.5 acres each), currently planting palm trees. Asking price is RM950K per acre. About 5 km away from Kulim High Tech Phase 4, 2 km away from Petronas and Caltex Petrol Station.

一块近11英亩永久地契农业用地出售,近居林第四期高科技工业区大约5公里, 可以转换至工业用途(转换费用1大约马币一百万)所述土地由BKE(Butterworth-Kulim北海-居林高速公路)划分为左右半部(每块约5.5英亩),目前种植棕榈树。要价是每英亩马币950千。距离Petronas和Caltex加油站2公里。

(Above & below) Caltex and Petronas just about 2 km away)