Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Sungai Lokan Butterworth 1 Storey Warehouse For Rent

A single storey warehouse in Sungai Lokan is available for rent RM10,000 per month. The land area is almost 37,000sf (Width 110' x Length 300')while the building itself is about 9,000sf, ceiling height about 25 feet. The power supply is ranging 60 amp to 100 amp. The landlord has flatten the land and this is area is a non flooding zone. There are customized cabins for office use.

The road access to the warehouse is about 20 feet, but there is an about 15 feet bottle neck  before reaching the property. After the warehouse the exit is further narrowed to 10 feet road. Best is to U-turn at the warehouse.

占地近37千方尺110 300尺, 建筑9000方尺, 高度25尺, 电流强度60安培, 可支持100安培, 地已经推平了, 没淹过水, 厕所设备, 460方尺办公室备用, 后面出河流

(Above and below) Land view

(Above) Click above for 360° virtual tour

(Above and below) Warehouse itself

(Above) Customised cabins for office use

(Above) Toilets

(Above) Back door

(Above) Back side

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